Mind Sports Olympiad 2018 Survey
24 September 2018

We’re always looking to learn and would greatly appreciate your feedback. Create your own user feedback survey

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Why Creativity Matters and One Way We Can All be More Creative by Dan Holloway
22 September 2018

Dan Holloway runs Rogue Interrobang (https://rogueinterrobang.com/) a company that helps people and companies solve wicked problems using…

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Craig Solomon Triumphs in Scrabble
5 September 2018

The MSO Scrabble tournament took place on the 19th of August, 2018. We started with 44 players with…

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European Speed Reading Championship at MSO 2018
3 September 2018

Dan Holloway successfully defended his Speed Reading Championship title. He was able to read the newly published…

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UK Games Expo 2018 Results
8 June 2018

The Mind Sports Olympiad were once again at the UK Games Expo this weekend running many of…

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2018 Mind Sports Olympiad Registration and Schedule
5 April 2018

A mental skills and games festival, with over seventy different board game tournaments and a dozen world…

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