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The Mind Sports Olympiad is an international event with over 100 different competitions ranging from classics like Chess, Backgammon, Scrabble, and Go to newer games, including Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Dominion, and Carcassonne. Card games figure too, with the Amateur Poker World Championship alongside exam-based competitions ranging from Memory and Sudoku to the Mental Calculations World Championship. Our most prestigious accolade is the Pentamind World Championship which is awarded each year to the player with the best results in five different competitions.

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13 August

Tichu took much of its rules and mechanics from Zheng Fen. It is a partnership climbing card…

Crazyhouse Chess (Swiss)

13 August

Crazyhouse is a Chess Variant: Captured pieces can be dropped back on the board instead of moving…

7 Wonders

13 August

You are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources,…

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