The MSO Grand Prix is our online exclusive competition, bringing the thrill of the MSO right into your home. The goal of the MSO Grand Prix is to continue to bring together the world’s best players in online competition. Taking place annually every winter, the Grand Prix contains over 100 tournaments and 7 category competitions all with medals to be won.

The 2024 event starts on Friday 2nd February and runs through to Sunday 17th March.  There are also a few turn-based tournaments that begin before this too!

Our schedule includes a wide variety of events from classics such as Chess, Go and Backgammon to modern Eurogames and the latest Abstract games.  We also have Poker, Draughts and the Mental Calculations World Championship!  Once you’ve found some events that catch your interest, you can use the tournament details page to learn more about those tournaments and how to join them.  Don’t forget to register to the MSO Grand Prix so that you can claim any medals you win to your profile and have them counted towards your country on the nations leaderboard!

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