The Mind Sports Olympiad awards medals to the top three finishers in every tournament!  Make sure you don’t miss the medal ceremony at the end of the tournament as the organiser will be awarding the medals to the top finishers.  We have our very own podium at the MSO, perfect for you to capture photographs of your success!

For our younger players we also have Junior medals that can be won.  A Junior is considered any player who is aged under 18 on the first day of the MSO.  To win one of these medals a player must finish amongst the top three juniors and finish within the top half of the overall standings.  Alternatively you can finish amongst the top three juniors and finish in the top half of the junior standings.

Prize Money

As well as medals available in every single tournament, we have £1000 to be won at the Mind Sports Olympiad 2024.

Here is a full list of the prize money available to be won in 2024…

Pentamind World Championship

Our largest prize is reserved for the Pentamind World Championship!

Category Meta-Events

The winners of each of these meta-events will win £50

For more details about these events please refer to our Pentamind World Championship page (under Category Meta-Events).

Other Tournaments with Prizes

We will also be offering prizes for first place (subject to tiebreaks) in the following tournaments:

Tiebreak Situations

In the event that a tiebreak is required to determine the winner of a tournament, any associated prize money will be shared equally amongst the tied players.

*Unfortunately we are unable to offer prizes for our Backgammon and Poker tournaments due to UK gambling license restrictions.

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