Tournament Details

The table below contains all of the information you’ll need to take part in any of our Grand Prix 2024 tournaments.  The “Go To” link will take you to where you need to go for the tournament.  If it’s a “Signup” link, you’ll need to follow it through and join the tournament at that link in advance of the tournament starting.  If it’s a “Discord” link then it will take you to the Discord channel for the tournament.  Check the channel in advance as it is likely to contain information about how the tournament is going to work and join the channel approximately 15 minutes before the tournament is due to start, your organiser will direct you from Discord.  Some tournaments also have an “Info” link which will contain further information about the tournament not visible from the “Go To“.

We are working through the details for each of the 100+ tournaments on our schedule and links will appear below as they are ready, please bear with us!

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a more detailed explanation of how to join tournaments on each of the platforms.  If you get stuck, please come and ask us in our Discord group.

Date Time (UTC+0) Tournament Category Premier Platform Go To
Sat 21 Oct   Gaia Project Qualifier Multiplayer   BGA Discord Info
Sat 28 Oct   Great Western Trail Qualifier Multiplayer   BGA Discord Info
Sat 28 Oct   7 Wonders Duel (Agora) Qualifier Imperfect Information   BGA Discord Info
Tue 3 Jan   Tzolk’in Qualifier Multiplayer   BGA    
Tue 3 Jan   Quoridor Abstract   BGA    
Sun 4 Feb 14:30 Wingspan Multiplayer Premier BGA    
Sun 4 Feb 14:30 Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Premier PokerStars    
Sun 4 Feb 14:30 Chess 960 Chess Premier PlayStrategy    
Wed 7 Feb 19:00 Lines of Action Abstract Premier PlayStrategy    
Wed 7 Feb 19:00 International Draughts Draughts Premier PlayStrategy    
Wed 7 Feb 19:00 Razz Poker Premier PokerStars    
Sat 17 Feb 09:00 Castles of Burgundy Multiplayer Premier BGA    
Sat 17 Feb 09:00 Go 19×19 Abstract Premier PlayStrategy    
Sat 17 Feb 09:00 Carcassonne AM Qualifier Imperfect Information Premier BGA    
Sat 17 Feb 19:00 Carcassonne PM Qualifier Imperfect Information Premier BGA    
Sun 18 Feb 12:00 Carcassonne Final Imperfect Information Premier BGA    
Fri 23 Feb 19:00 7 Wonders Duel (Base) Imperfect Information Premier BGA    
Fri 23 Feb 19:00 Chess (3+2 Arena) Chess Premier PlayStrategy    
Fri 23 Feb 19:00 Nackgammon Backgammon Premier PlayStrategy    
Thu 29 Feb 19:00 Ticket To Ride Multiplayer Premier BGA    
Thu 29 Feb 19:00 Amazons Abstract Premier PlayStrategy    
Thu 29 Feb 19:00 Headsup Hold’em Poker Premier PokerStars    
Tue 12 Mar 19:00 7 Wonders Multiplayer Premier BGA    
Tue 12 Mar 19:00 English Draughts Draughts Premier PlayStrategy    
Tue 12 Mar 19:00 Hex 14×14 Abstract Premier BGA    
Sat 16 Mar 14:30 Lost Ruins of Arnak Multiplayer Premier BGA    
Sat 16 Mar 14:30 Azul Imperfect Information Premier BGA    
Sat 16 Mar 14:30 7pt Backgammon Backgammon Premier PlayStrategy    

Platform Information

BoardGameArena BGA (Automated)

BoardGameArena (BGA) automated tournaments are easy to register and play in.  Follow the link in the table above to access the tournament homepage where you can see all of the details of the tournament format and the rules that have been selected.  From 24 hours before the tournament is due to start, visit this page and click “Register for this tournament” to sign-up.  At the tournament start time make sure you are logged into BGA and you’ll see an invite at the top of the screen inviting you to join your first match.  Click to join and play your game.  BGA will track all of the results and you can see the results of all tournament games and the overall standings via the tournament homepage.

We have a dedicated page with details about how the BGA tournament system works, rules on when you can timeout an opponent and explanations of how we will resolve any tiebreaks during BGA automated tournaments.

If you don’t have the 100 ELO BGA requires in order to register for a tournament, you can request an invitation by completing this short form (at least 2 hours before the tournament begins).  You’ll receive an email from BGA once we’ve sent your invite and you’ll then be able to register to the tournament.


All of our poker tournaments will be hosted by PokerStars. The majority of our tournaments will all be conducted within our HomeGroup.

To join the HomeGroup open the PokerStars main lobby and click on the Home Games tab, followed by “Join a Poker Club”.  Enter the club ID number 4839431 and Invitation Code “msopoker“.  Once an administrator has approved your membership you’ll be able to join the tournaments within the group.  Please ensure you request to join the group at least 2 hours before the tournament is scheduled to begin and leave us a message on Discord to notify us, otherwise we cannot guarantee that it will be approved in time for you to play.

There is an entry fee of 20k play money chips (this is the lowest option we can select). If you are short on play money chips you can get more by clicking on the Cashier, go to the play money tab and you can collect 15k chips every 4 hours.


PlayStrategy (PS) tournaments are organised using PlayStrategy’s tournament system which will automatically assign pairings.  You’ll need to join the Mind Sports Olympiad team and then you can join the tournament using the link provided in the table above, or by searching for it in the MSO team tournament list on PlayStrategy.

PlayStrategy tournaments fall into two main categories: Swiss tournaments and Arena tournaments.  Many of the Arena tournaments are also Medley tournaments.  Click through to the respective links to find out more about each type.

Other Platforms

The three platforms already discussed will host the majority of Grand Prix tournaments, however we will be using some other platforms for select games.  There is information about each of these next to the tournaments using them above, however if you find yourself stuck you can come and ask us in our Discord group for help.


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