Turn-based tournaments are a little different to the tournaments we usually run at Mind Sports Olympiad.  Instead of playing games in real-time, players are given substantially more time (several hours, days or even weeks) to make their moves.  After making a move, you leave the game and check back a few hours later to see if it has come around to your turn again.

List of Turn Based Tournaments

The following tournaments shall begin with turn-based rounds in 2024.  More details about each tournament can be found further down the page.

Tournament Registration Deadline Details Signup
Gaia Project 21st October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
Great Western Trail 28th October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
7 Wonders Duel Agora 28th October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
Tzolk’in 3rd January 2024 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Quoridor 3rd January 2024 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Key Dates

Turn-based games will last for approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the game and the speed at which players play.

Real-time finals will be scheduled for each tournament, however dates can be adjusted (within reason) by negotiation between the qualified players.

Time-Out Rules

Players are forbidden from kicking any opponent that has ran out of time without obtaining approval from the MSO first.  Send us a message in Discord and either Mike or statmatt will advise.  We will aim to be lenient with the time allowances as we want as many players as possible to be able to take part, however we may instruct a player to be dropped if a game is at risk of overrunning our schedule or a player is playing unnecessarily slowly.  If we do instruct a drop in a multiplayer game the game will be continued with the remaining players (BGA will say the result is nullified, this is incorrect).

Contacting Us

All communication for these tournaments shall be carried out via Discord.  Each tournament has it’s own dedicated channel so if you have any questions or encounter issues during one of your games, please send us a message there.  If you would prefer to contact us in private, you can send a direct message to either Mike or statmatt.

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