Dan Holloway successfully defended his Speed Reading Championship title. He was able to read the newly published Implanted by Lauren Teffeau in 64 minutes. Implanted is almost 400 pages and has a word count of 108,838 implying that Dan’s raw speed was 1700 words per minute. He was closely followed by Christopher Fung (silver) and Nico Aslanidis (bronze).

If you want to test your reading speed and comprehension, you can download the Implanted Speed Reading Questions. (Of course, you should first time how long it takes you to read the actual book). The annual Speed Reading Championship at the Mind Sports Olympiad is open to anyone and requires no prerequisite knowledge. A new work of fiction is presented each year and contestants try and read as fast as they can, and then answer a series of comprehension questions. Their raw reading speed is calculated based on the time that it took them to complete the novel and it is then multiplied times the percentage of correct answers to the comprehension questions. The competitor with the highest comprehended words per minute rate wins.