Sunday marked a turning point for Ankush Khandelwal as he catapulted his Pentamind standing by winning Ticket to Ride and securing silver in Azul. No one was able to surpass Ankush‘s score on the final day (Monday), and his Pentamind score of 491 points, which included gold in Liar’s Dice, silver in Omaha, and bronze in Catan, held steady. Meanwhile, newcomer Daniel Angelats came agonisingly close, achieving a spectacular 488 Pentamind points, securing the silver Pentamind medal while triumphing in the Imperfect Information category. The podium’s bronze position was secured by Andres Kuusk with an impressive 479 points. Ankush has now won a remarkable fifth Pentamind World Championship title—tying the all time record held by Demis Hassabis and Andres Kuusk.

In other categories, Dario de Toffoli once again triumphed in the Senior Pentamind, Mario Concepion claimed victory in the Junior Pentamind, and Natasha Regan won the Women’s Pentamind. The Abstract Games World Championship saw Florian Jamain as the victor, while Tung Yat Cheng secured the Multiplayer category, and Ali Safa claimed the Amateur Poker World Championship title.

The 2023 Mind Sports Olympiad was the most attended MSO in the last 15 years and included a wide range of events alongside new competitions such as speed cubing. For a an overview of all the medals visit: