Despite having to cancel our physical event due to COVID and moving this year’s Mind Sports Olympiad online, we’ve received lots of great feedback and thank you letters. One of our favourites is by an NHS worker who mentioned that our “events have been a welcome getaway from work and a chance to relax.” A big thank you to all the healthcare workers out there. Here’s to the power of games bringing people together from all over the world.



I just wanted to send an email to thank you for organizing MSO 2020. I believe you have done a very good job given the circumstances of this year.

This was my first time taking part in the MSO, so I did not expect to see any stellar results for myself, but I had fun taking part.


My last point was this: please will you continue to offer online events for the MSO, even when the main events in London go ahead, especially for those of us unable to get to London because of work/family. Perhaps you could run an “MSO Online Series” event, lasting a whole month as you have done here, with similar event start times. This could be run alongside the main MSO in the same month, or held on a different month, maybe in the Spring (as a warm-up to August). I think the online events have been a real success and it would be a shame to just abandon it after this year.

Once again, thank you for this year’s event. For someone like me who is working in the NHS, your events have been a welcome getaway from work and a chance to relax.

Thank you,

Alec Reuben