MSO 2021 Summary
2 October 2021

Over a dozen world champions were crowned when the world’s biggest and most competitive mind sports tournament,…

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Maciej Brzeski wins the 2021 Pentamind World Championship
7 September 2021

The Pentamind World Championship was one of the Mind Sports Olympiad’s original events. It is a unique meta-event, which…

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Aaryan Shukla Wins 2021 Mental Calculations World Championship
4 September 2021

The final stage of the 2021 Mental Calculations World Championship took place on August 30. It was…

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MSO 2021 Medals Design
19 August 2021

We’re delighted to share that as this is the 25th year of the Mind Sports Olympiad, we’ve…

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Fair Play at MSO and Chess Crazyhouse Disqualification
18 August 2021

The Mind Sports Olympiad Crazyhouse Swiss tournament took place on Friday, August 13, 2021. Mr. Abhishek Chhallani finished the…

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Mental Calculations World Championship Qualifier
17 August 2021

The qualifying stage of the Mental Calculations World Championship took place on the afternoon of August 15,…

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Registration is Open
27 July 2021

We’re excited to have launched our upgraded website with registration now open for all events–all of which…

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2021 Mind Sports Olympiad Provisional Schedule
6 March 2021

The 2021 MSO will take place from August 13 to September 5 and will be online. Registration…

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MSO Winter Games
24 January 2021

We wish everyone good health and resilience during the challenges of the pandemic. We’re organizing a weekend…

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