We’re excited to announce that the MSO Grand Prix will be returning for a third instalment, with the online festival of board-games scheduled to take place from Friday 2nd February to Sunday 17th March 2024. We will have a wide range of tournaments for players to choose from across our 7 categories of games (Abstract, Imperfect Information, Multiplayer, Backgammon, Chess, Draughts & Poker). The MSO Grand Prix is designed for players of all abilities to come together and enjoy a great selection of games online, so whether you are a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic novice, everyone is welcome at the MSO!

The overall Grand Prix Championship will once again be contested across 7 days, 7 categories and 21 Premier tournaments.  Maciej Brzeski is unbeaten at our headline meta-event, do you have what it takes to beat him to the title in 2024?

New Tournaments

As well as bringing back all of your favourites we are also on the hunt for new games that we can add to the Grand Prix schedule. If there’s a game you think we should be including we’d love to hear from you! Suggestions can be posted in our Discord or you can send us an email at mikedixonmso@gmail.com. Games that are available on BoardGameArena can usually be organised via their automated tournament system however where that is not an option you’ll need a plan for how the tournament is going to be organised (we will liaise with prospective organisers directly).

Turn-Based Tournaments

We are expanding our turn based tournaments schedule to include more tournaments and starting these earlier, to allow for a more extensive competition. Turn-based means that rather than everyone being online at the same time and playing the game in real-time, players are given substantially more time (several hours, days or even weeks) to make their moves. After making a move, you leave the game and check back a few hours later to see if it has come around to your turn again. As always we will conclude each tournament with a live finals contested by the top players.

Here’s our full list of turn-based tournaments for this year’s Grand Prix.  You can find more information at our Turn-Based Tournaments page.

Tournament Registration Deadline Details Signup
Gaia Project 21st October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
Great Western Trail 28th October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
7 Wonders Duel Agora 28th October 2023 Tournament Info Signup Now!
Tzolk’in 3rd January 2024 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Quoridor 3rd January 2024 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

What Next?

If you’d like to take part in our first turn-based tournaments, you can already sign-up at the links above!  Behind the scenes we are working on putting together the list of games and then formulating these into a schedule.  We’ll be announcing the Premier events selected next month and we’ll follow that up with the full schedule around the end of the year.