The Mind Sports Olympiad are excited to share with you our plans for two major competitions in 2022. For the first time ever we are planning to hold two separate MSO tournaments in the same year – one online and one in-person. The online event will be the new ‘MSO Grand Prix’ which will be similar to the events we hosted in August 2020 and 2021, but introduces a new meta event. Meanwhile, the in-person event will be much the same as our last in-person event in 2019, and exclusively host the Pentamind World Championship.

MSO Grand Prix 2022

The MSO Grand Prix is a brand-new online Mind Sports competition, which will bring the thrill of the MSO to wherever you are – beginning on the Easter weekend of 2022. The coronavirus pandemic forced the Mind Sports Olympiad to hold tournaments online for the first time in 2020 after 23 years of in-person competition, and this has helped to bring the MSO to more players than ever before. The goal of the MSO Grand Prix is to continue to bring together the world’s best players in online competition.

As part of the Grand Prix competition we will have the Grand Prix Championship to find the best player over the course of the event (you can think of this as the online equivalent of the Pentamind but with a twist). Senior, Junior and Women’s champions shall be awarded along with champions crowned in each of seven categories of games. More details about the Grand Prix Championship can be found at

The MSO Grand Prix will run over the course of 7 weeks from Friday 15th April to Sunday 29th May and we are pleased to share with you our provisional schedule.

All tournaments in the MSO Grand Prix will be free to enter* and registration will open in March.

*Entry to the GP tournaments is free but some will require a license/subscription to the platform where the tournament is held.

Mind Sports Olympiad 2022

The Mind Sports Olympiad will be returning to an in-person competition, taking place at JW3, London, from Sunday 21st August to Monday 29th August 2022. The Pentamind World Championship will once again be up for grabs to the best all-round player of the week, along with our other meta-events, and of course medals for each and every tournament.

The MSO is open to players from anywhere in the world, and we look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones, who have found us during the online tournaments of the past two years.

Further details including the schedule and how to register will be published later in the year.

MSO Medals

Whilst our two 2022 events will be separate and produce their own champions, MSO medals will be up for grabs in every tournament of both the online and in-person events. All medals will count towards our all-time medals table.

We are aware that the medal distribution for the 2021 event was overly slow, and so have reviewed this procedure to reduce delays for future online events. At in-person events, medals will continue to be physically awarded at the time.