Black Lives Matter
12 June 2020

We at the Mind Sports Olympiad loudly affirm that Black Lives Matter. Recent events have been the…

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Pentamind Documentary Premiere
19 July 2019

August 6th was the Premiere of our documentary about the Pentamind World Championship. PENTAMIND tells the tale…

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Tony Buzan: A Curious Mind
4 May 2019

Tony Buzan, the author of Mind Map Mastery, passed away on April 13, 2019, at the age…

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European Speed Reading Championship at MSO 2018
3 September 2018

Dan Holloway successfully defended his Speed Reading Championship title. He was able to read the newly published…

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Ankush Khandelwal wins the 2018 Pentamind World Championship
28 August 2018

Britain’s Ankush Khandelwal has won the 2018 Pentamind World Championship with a score of 504.84 points using…

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2018 Mind Sports Olympiad Registration and Schedule
5 April 2018

A mental skills and games festival, with over seventy different board game tournaments and a dozen world…

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MSO 2018 Dates Announced
1 January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE MIND SPORTS OLYMPIAD! We hope all is well and you are enjoying the…

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James Heppell wins the 2017 Pentamind World Championship!
29 August 2017

Congratulations to England’s James Heppell for winning the 2017 Pentamind World Championship! The Pentamind is awarded to…

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Great start to the 2017 Mind Sports Olympiad–many more events to go!
24 August 2017

This year’s Mind Sports Olympiad runs from August 20 to 28. There’s something for all ages from…

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Andres Kuusk is the 2016 Pentamind World Champion
2 February 2017

Congratulations to Andres Kuusk for winning the Pentamind World Championship. Andres was trailing behind Ankush Khandelwal with…

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