For a full list of winners, visit our medals table.

It has never been harder to win a medal. The caliber of play has been incredible with a range of world champions taking part including the current Hive world champion Christian Galeas who won the first Hive tournament and took silver in the Hive Standard Opening tournament.

CATAN has featured some of the strongest players in the world such as DyLighted and YoungNaijah (Sam Liu). Meanwhile, Terray Mystica was won by Marc Lambercht. For commentary on the final table visit:

The Entropy World Championship was won by David Jameson (Wales) for the sixth time (and 5th in a row)! 

MSO newcomer Maciej Brzeski (Poland) already won four golds this year and medalled in Chess, Go, and Battle Sheep. He’s mentioned that he’s eyeing his first Pentamind World Championship.

Carcassonne was won by newcomer Ilja Mett (Germany) who also won Stone Age. Here are videos of both:

The Mental Calculations World Championship was won by Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash Jonnalagadda from India

Joseph Mela won the Battle Sheep Swiss with a dramatic victory in the final round:


Castles of Burgundy was won by Josh Ballard (USA)

Tauri Purk (Estonia) took gold in Sudoku

16 year old Daniel Essen (Canada) dominated the Atomic Chess Arena with a 100% win rate in over 40 games. 

There’s lots more action to come. Stay tuned.