Several boardgame national championships were organised by the MSO as part of the UK Games Expo 2017, held from June 2nd to 4th. The winners were as follows:

Catan UK National Championship: Joe Williams   (full results)

Agricola UK National Championship: Paul Burton   (full results)

Carcassonne UK National Championship: Ven Gee Lim   (full results)

Ticket To Ride UK National Championship: David Crundall   (full results)

Splendor UK National Championship: Nadeev Wijesuriya   (full results)

Dominion: Roger Morbey   (full results)

7 Wonders Duel: Alex Li   (full results)

7 Wonders: Ben Lafferty   (full results)

Lords of Waterdeep: Victor Fuller   (full results)

Catan Regional Championships: Ankush Khandelwal (Friday – full results),            . Sarah Collier (Saturday – full results)