The 2023 Mental Calculations World Championship Final took place on Zoom on March 6, 2023. Each participant had a proctor ensuring they were competing fairly. The field was truly international with the following participants: Kaloyan Geshev (Bulgaria) Aaryan Shukla (India) Vandan Nyati (India) Andrej Zivanovic (Serbia) Aaryan Gupta (India) Abhilakshya Arora (India) Radhika Maheshwari (India) Kaede Kodachi (Japan)

Congrats to Bulgaria’s Kaloyan Geshev for successfully defending his Mental Calculations World Championship title. Going into the final round, the score was tied between India’ Aaryan Shukla (the 2021 Mental Calculations World Champion) and Kaloyan Geshev. Both former champions are only twelve years old! Kaloyan had to win the final speed round to win the 2023 Mental Calculations World Championship, and he rose to the challenge by proving a correct answer for the sum of square cubes for 18,881 in less than 8 seconds!  His answer was 130^2+44^2+6^2+3^2=18,881

Congrats to all the finalists–these are the best 8 in the world, and it’s great to see Vandan Nyati on the podium with a bronze medal for the first time. The final was truly international, with four competitors from India, one from Bulgaria, Japan and Serbia. The full video of the event can be watched here.

Kaloyan in deep concentration during the 2023 MCWC