Come and try playing Diving Chess at this year’s Mind Sports Olympiad–its just chess in a pool but instead of chess clocks, you can think for as long as you hold your breath:

Alternatively, for those who want more traditional chess, there’s also blitz, rapid, exchange and the British Championship for Chess 960 (aka Fischer Random).


a8 black bishop
b8 black knight
c8 black rook
d8 black bishop
e8 black knight
f8 black king
g8 black rook
h8 black queen
a7 black pawn
b7 black pawn
c7 black pawn
d7 black pawn
e7 black pawn
f7 black pawn
g7 black pawn
h7 black pawn
a2 white pawn
b2 white pawn
c2 white pawn
d2 white pawn
e2 white pawn
f2 white pawn
g2 white pawn
h2 white pawn
a1 white bishop
b1 white knight
c1 white rook
d1 white bishop
e1 white knight
f1 white king
g1 white rook
h1 white queen

Chess 960 is just like regular chess with the exception that the pieces are randomized behind the pawns on the home ranks. Note that bishops must still be on opposite colors and each player still has the right to castle on both sides.