Upcoming chess events

Live standings

Chess 90min SuperBlitz Arena Aren: $50 for 1st

Chess Bullet Arena: $50 for 1st

Chess Bullet Swiss: $50 for 1st

The Chess Championship is awarded to the best Chess player at the Mind Sports Olympiad. The player with the best top five Pentamind scores from Chess events is crowned the MSO Chess Champion.

There are no restrictions on which Chess events can be used.  Any combination of 5 Chess events is valid.

The Chess tournaments can be found by filtering the schedule by the Chess category.


NEW to the game?

We have a huge number of chess events and you don’t need to be a Grandmaster to take part!
We also have lots of variants too, which are much more light-hearted.
To get started with the basics, we recommend checking out the tutorials on Lichess.

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