Maciej Brzeski wins the 2021 Pentamind World Championship
7 September 2021

The Pentamind World Championship was one of the Mind Sports Olympiad’s original events. It is a unique meta-event, which…

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2020 Medals and Pentamind Leaderboard
12 August 2020

This year’s MSO is as competitive and international as ever with world-class competitors including the current Hive…

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Ankush Khandelwal wins the 2019 Pentamind
27 August 2019

Congratulations to Ankush Khandelwal for winning the 2019 Pentamind World Championship and defending his title! Ankush…

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Pentamind Documentary Premiere
19 July 2019

August 6th was the Premiere of our documentary about the Pentamind World Championship. PENTAMIND tells the tale…

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Ankush Khandelwal wins the 2018 Pentamind World Championship
28 August 2018

Britain’s Ankush Khandelwal has won the 2018 Pentamind World Championship with a score of 504.84 points using…

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2018 Mind Sports Olympiad Registration and Schedule
5 April 2018

A mental skills and games festival, with over seventy different board game tournaments and a dozen world…

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MSO satellite events are headed to Korea and New Zealand
19 March 2015

We’re delighted to announce that Human & Education are the official MSO World Korean partner, and will…

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Andres Kuusk wins the 2014 Pentamind
26 August 2014

Congratulations to Andres Kuusk for winning the 2014 Pentamind World Championship! The Pentamind is a unique meta-event,…

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Prizes for MSO 2014
15 July 2014

MSO would like to thank Winton Capital Management, Mitsubishi UK, and DeepMind for sponsoring the 2014 prize fund:…

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