We are thrilled to unveil the schedule for the 27th Mind Sports Olympiad, returning to JW3 in London from August 20 to 28. Registration will open in late June. This year’s edition brings a wave of excitement with the addition of several new events including:

  • Wingspan – Immerse yourself in a multiplayer game focused on collecting birds and skillfully developing your engine.
  • Amazons – Engage in a captivating abstract game that revolves around strategic blocking and maneuvering, testing your opponent’s limits until they exhaust their legal moves. Give it a try on playstrategy.org where there is a tournament on Thursday 25th May at 19:00 BST playstrategy.org/tournament/LUIfefi6.
  • Speed Cubing – Showcase your lightning-fast problem-solving skills with the iconic Rubik’s Cube. Prepare for four different competitions, each presenting varying challenges to push your speed cubing abilities.

The premier events (marked in gray in the schedule above) will retain their significant stature, carrying an 8% bonus to Pentamind scores. These events hold particular importance for those with aspirations to claim the title of the next Pentamind World Champion, and have been carefully curated to ensure that the winner truly emerges as the finest all-round games player in the world.

While ticket sales will commence in June, now is the perfect time to contemplate which events you would like to participate in and even engage in some practice games. Stay tuned for further updates and get ready to join us for an unforgettable celebration of mind sports.

See the Schedule page for more information.

2023 MSO Schedule

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