We are delighted to share with you our extensive prize pool up for grabs at the Mind Sports Olympiad 2022, courtesy of our sponsors ASICS!  There are prizes available for our Meta-Events, Premier Events and World Championships.*

Here is a full list of the prize money available to be won in 2022…

Pentamind World Championship

Our largest prize is reserved for the Pentamind World Championship!

  • 1st Place – £555
  • 2nd Place – £250
  • 3rd Place – £100

Category Meta-Events

The winners of each of these meta-events will win £100

  • Abstract Games Championship
  • Chess Championship
  • Imperfect Information Championship
  • Mental Championship
  • Multiplayer Games Championship

For more details about these events please refer to our Pentamind World Championship page (under Category Meta-Events).

Premier Events

Premier Events* each carry a prize of £80 for Gold, £40 for Silver and £20 for Bronze.

  • Abalone
  • Acquire
  • Agricola
  • Azul
  • Carcassonne (2-player)
  • Catan
  • Chess 960
  • Dominion Expansions
  • Entropy
  • Go 19×19
  • Lines of Action
  • Mental Calculations
  • Quoridor
  • Scrabble

World Championships

All of our World Championship tournaments will carry a £50 prize for 1st place (does not stack with Premier prize)

  • Boku
  • Battle Sheep
  • Colour Chess
  • Continuo
  • Creative Thinking
  • Hare & Tortoise
  • King’s Cribbage
  • Twixt
  • Stratego Duel
  • Trench

Other Tournaments with Prizes

We will also be offering prizes for the following tournaments:

  • Chess Rapid – £80 1st, £40 2nd, £20 3rd
  • Chess Blitz – £50

Tiebreak Situations

In the event that a tiebreak is required to determine the medal positions, any associated prize money will be shared equally amongst the tied players.

*Unfortunately we are unable to offer prizes for our Backgammon and Poker tournaments due to UK gambling licence restrictions.

ASICSASICS is the official sponsor of the 2022 Mind Sports Olympiad. We’re proud to partner with ASICS whose motto “sound mind, sound body” resonates with MSO’s belief that a holistic approach to health and training is vital towards better performance, learning and health. The MSO has always encouraged people to challenge themselves, learn new games and enjoy exercising their mental faculties.

ASICS is also filming a documentary this year that includes following former memory world champion Ben Pridmore as he comes back from retirement to compete at MSO. Ben has been training both his mind and body to prepare for this August’s competitions.

Last but not least, we’re grateful to ASICS for supporing this year’s MSO prize fund.



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