Upcoming modern abstract events

Live standings

Pentamind World Championship: Name engraved on PM Trophy for 1st place

Chess 90min SuperBlitz Arena Aren: $50 for 1st

Chess Bullet Arena: $50 for 1st

Chess Bullet Swiss: $50 for 1st

The Modern Abstract Games World Championship is a unique meta-event, which celebrates the best all round Abstract Games player in the world. The player with the highest top five Pentamind scores from the Abstract Games will be crowned the World Champion.

Event Score =  100 x ((n+5)/(n+6)) x ((n – p)/(n – 1))

where n is the number of players and p is the player’s finishing position before tiebreaks in the event.

In the event of a tie, the next Pentamind score (i.e. the 6th best result) will be used as a tiebreak; the secondary tiebreak will be the 7th best Pentamind score.

Modern Abstract Games events are:

Hive, Battlesheep, Hex, Zertz, Twixt, Quarto, Veletas, Circle of Life, Othello, Abalone, Trench, Quoridor, Entropy, and Lines of Action. Please note that you can’t use two events of the same type–just like the Pentamind WC. For example, only one Battlesheep, Hive or Hex can be applied towards the top 5 scores for the MAG WC.


NEW to the game?

Modern abstract games include a variety of games such as Catan, Battle Sheep and Draughts.
Board Game Arena is one of our partners and our host for many of the events.
Please do check out the rules to each of the games if any of them take your fancy.