Upcoming classic events

Live standings

Live standings will show once the tournament has started

Go 19×19: £50 for 1st

Speed Scrabble: £40 for 1st

Scrabble 15min: £50 for 1st

Abalone: £50 for 1st place over all and also for top junior

Twilight Struggle: $150 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd, courtesy of ITSL.

The Classic Games Championship is awarded to the best player in Classic games at the Mind Sports Olympiad. The player with the best top five Pentamind scores from Classic events is crowned the MSO Classic Games Champion.

There are no restrictions on which events can be used.  Any combination of 5 Classic games events is valid.

The Classic games tournaments can be found by filtering the schedule by the Classics category.


NEW to the game?

Classic games include a variety of games such as Go 9×9, Oware and Draughts.
Board Game Arena is one of our partners and our host for many of the events.
Please do check out the rules to each of the games if any of them take your fancy.

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