Upcoming backgammon events

Live standings

The player with the top 5 Pentamind scores from all of the Backgammon events will be crowned the 2020 MSO Backgammon Champion with the following prizes:

1st – £100
2st – £50
3st – £25

The Backgammon Championship is awarded to the best Backgammon player at the Mind Sports Olympiad. The player with the best top five Pentamind scores from Backgammon events is crowned the MSO Backgammon Champion.

There are no restrictions on which Backgammon events can be used.  Any combination of 5 Backgammon events is valid.

The Backgammon tournaments can be found by filtering the schedule by the Backgammon category.


NEW to the game?

Backgammon is a quick game to learn, but will take years to master! But with the luck of the
die, you still have a chance in each game you play. Why not take a quick YouTube tutorial
to get acquainted and practise on BG Studio Heroes for a few games before entering a tournament?

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