Cryptic Crossword

The Cryptic Crossword will be emailed to contestants who will then need to email back their response.

Four crosswords of incremental difficulty: easy, tricky, hard, complex.
The competition will be open for 72 hours from launch. All registered entrants will be emailed pdfs of the four puzzles at 19.30 BST on 24/08/21.
These can be completed in your own time until 19.30 BST 27/08/21.

It is recommended that entrants print out the puzzles, to work on with a pencil and eraser.

It is not expected that anyone will score 100%. The setter has included difficult elements in puzzles 3 and 4. A score in the high 80s will be considered excellent.

Entries will be accepted in the form of clear scans, pdfs or sharp photographs as attachments to the email address supplied. Please include MSO 2021 in the subject field.

Scoring out of 100:
40 available for puzzle 1.
30 for puzzle 2.
20 for puzzle 3.
10 for puzzle 4.

Each Wrong/ missing letter -10% from total (i.e. 36/40, 27/30, 18/20, 9/10)
Each Wrong/ missing word -20% from total (i.e. 32/40, 24/30, 16/20, 8/10)
Incorrect/ absent thematic -30% from total (i.e. n/a, 21/30, 14/20, 7/10)
All scores are incremental.
Judges’ decision will be final.
In the event of a tie, tiebreaker will be a) earliest time of submission
b) neatest handwriting

All answers may be found in the OED and/or Chambers.

Please note that this tournament carries the Dilution Factor of 95% for Pentamind scoring

  • event_id: CWOC


Aug 24 2021


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm