Circle of Life

Circle of Life, winner of the Best Combinatorial Game Award, is a strategy game where players evolve species to eat each other in a growing ecosystem.

Despite 1-minute rules, the game recreates key aspects of real ecosystems:

It starts with simple species, which evolve to become more diverse and complex.
Species get more complex as you go up the food chain.
Simple species reproduce, die, and evolve at higher rates than more complex ones.
When a species’ population is high, another species often evolves to eat it.
When a critter at the top of the food chain dies, it feeds back into the bottom, to complete the Circle of Life.

Tournament Format
Players Per Table – 2
Rounds – 6
Platform – BoardGameArena
Clock Settings – 15 mins per player

This tournament will be played using the BoardGameArena (BGA) tournament system. Signed up players will receive an email one day before the tournament inviting them to follow a link to register to the tournament on BGA. You will need to do this in order to secure your place in the draw and this cannot be done sooner than 1 day before the tournament (this helps to avoid players being in the draw who do not show up for the tournament). Players who do not have 100 ELO points in the game on BGA will not be able to join the tournament without the email invitation so please make sure you have registered here on the MSO website 48 hours before the tournament. We may not be able to get you into the tournament after the invitations have been issued.

When playing in the tournament on BGA please ensure that you join each of your matches promptly as any player who misses the start of a round will automatically be withdrawn from the tournament. When a new round is drawn a bar should appear at the top of the page on BGA inviting you to join your match (you may need to refresh to see it). Follow this to join your table and play your game. We are unable to add players back into the tournament who miss a round or accomodate late entries for this tournament.

Tournament Link on BGA –

  • event_id: CIRC


Aug 29 2021


3:30 pm - 7:30 pm